Redesigned V-12 Fuel Rail Fabrication

This is me in 1988 when this fuel rail was made. I was a lot younger and not as good looking. My failing eyesight has convinced me that I am now a handsome devil. Had I known I was going worldwide on the Internet, I would have dressed up a little. The pictures were taken by my daughter Samantha. She was only 10, so she didn't care what I looked like.

Brazing the rail. No solder is used due to its lower melting point.

Frequent test fitting on the engine is critical. All hose and fuel injector connections must be absolutely accurate in position and angle.

Preliminary fitting of the partially completed fuel rail.:

Photograph below shows me fitting the completed rail with the fuel injectors attached.

A one-way check valve, originally installed at the inlet of the fuel rail, right after the fuel filter, has been removed. This additional check was redundant. It also defeated any accumulator effect that the fuel line from the fuel pump to the fuel rail might provide. Fuel pressure now relies on the original check valve at the fuel pump.

Note the pressure regulator location in the picture below. (red arrow) Only one pressure regulator is used. Its positioned on the left air cleaner mounting.

This fuel filter (in above photograph blue arrow) was installed at the exit of the fuel rail. Between the fuel rail exit and the fuel pressure regulator. The purpose was to catch any crap that flaked off the fabricated fuel rail. After a few thousand miles I don't think this filter is still needed, but I left it installed just in case (and it looks cool :-)

Note tight clearance between fuel rail and throttle kick down switch in above photograph. Injector hoses must be shortened and throttle kickdown bracket had to be trimmed slightly.

Completed fuel rail installed with two fuel filters. I also replaced the hoses running across the engine with copper pipes, which I then painted black.

In a later project, the fuel rail was removed to change the injector hoses. I then had the fuel rail chrome plated.

Custom chrome fuel rail installed.


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