FX Wheels

My Infiniti FX needed new tires. This was an opportunity to change the standard 18 inch rims.

I did not seriously consider going to a 22-inch wheel. The larger the rim, the smaller the sidewall. Smaller sidewall, lower the aspect ratio. That means less sidewall flex, therefore a harder ride.

The FX ride was already as firm as I wanted it.

An option on this vehicle was a 20-inch rim. For me, this visually provided the best compromise between rim and tire size.

A 20 inch rim it would be.

The requirements for the wheels were modest. 20 x 8.5 inches offset 35mm. I did not want chrome wheels, rather a finish that blended with the look of the vehicle.

I chose the KV5 Wheel manufactured by Sport Edition along with P265/50R Bridgestone Potenza run-flat tires. These are original equipment tires for the Infiniti FX Sport Edition.

Below are some photographs of the wheels and tires.



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