Installing Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips

The exhaust tips on my Jaguar XJ-S are 2 inches in diameter, and consists of two chrome pipes that curiously bends down and out as it exits under the rear bumper.

I wanted to replace the exhaust tips with a larger diameter pipe, while still maintaining the character of the car. The tips I choose are 3 inches O.D and 2.75 inches I.D. at the tip. This configuration visually displays a tip made from thick stainless steel pipe. This looks significantly better that other 3-inch diameter tips. The tip is virtually rust proof, manufactured by Pilot Motorsports from stainless steel that is then chrome-plated.

The tips are available from most good automotive accessory stores, and cost approximately $25.00 each in the US. Pictured below are the inside diameters of the old and new exhaust tips.

The tip is secured to the exhaust pipe by three locking tabs that are forced against the pipe with individual screws. (Blue arrow)

The biggest challenge is removing the original exhaust tips from the exhaust pipe. These tips have been on my car for 25 years. They have almost become part of the pipe. Start by backing off the Allen wrench screw that holds the tip to the muffler pipe. Use an extension to get leverage.

If that fails, (and it will) use a torch to apply heat to the fitting.

If that fails, (and it might) just drill the screw out. Note the mark on the drill bit. (blue arrow). This prevents me from drilling through the exhaust pipe.

Must have a torch while working on an exhaust system this old. Apply heat all around the tip where it contacts the exhaust pipe. This will expand the metal. At this point the tip should come off with firm tapping from a hammer.

Note that the exhaust pipe is approximately 2 inches in diameter and angles slightly down.

Trial fit of the new exhaust tip illustrates the quality of the tip and the difference in size.

A 10 mm metric wrench secures the exhaust tip via three screws, (blue arrow) to the pipe. Clearance is tight, but adequate.

Because the resonators are located high up in the bodywork, the exhaust pipe, as it exits the resonator, is angled slightly down.

There is noticeable improvement in how the car looks when viewed from the rear.

This is the effect that I wanted. The tips are just the right size and fits the overall character of the XJ-S.

When completed your Jaguar wont go any faster, but it will look a lot better getting there.



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