Replacing Headliner.

It seems 20 years or so is all the original headliner glue is designed for. My relocation to Florida probably hastened its demise. It was time to replace the headliner. The object was to remove the headliner and have a local upholstery shop replace the material.

You need room for this project, and a couple of days. Although the local upholstery shop charged the same if they removed the headliner, I strongly recommend that you remove the headliner. These shops have a nasty habit of breaking stuff.

Disconnect battery. Remove the rear seats and quarter panels first. You can leave the rear parcel shelf in (arrow). Remove wires from rear light assemblies.

Tape holds wires for dome light.

Remove the old headliner material. Inspect the headliner "shell". It does not have to be perfect, but obvious defects should be repaired. The condition of the shell determines, to a large extent, the quality of the finished product. Photograph below is the shell at the local upholstery shop

Once the shell is ready, the material is measured and cut.

Glue is sprayed on the material and the shell. Working by "halves" the material is glued to the shell in a series of steps.

The shell is turned upside down to clue the material on the sides.

You need something to transport the liner in. It just about fits in the rear of my Jeep Grand Cherokee V-8.

Pop riveting the surround for the dome light.

This is not an ideal one-man job, however it can be done. Lower both front seat backs and maneuver the shell into the car.

Install the dome light and connect the wires.

While supporting the shell, retape the dome light wire to the roof.

Maneuver one side of the shell into the metal "tabs" that support the shell. Position shell and bend all supporting tabs.

Install rear quarter panels. Line up plastic mounting plug (arrow) to corresponding female connection in car.

Install sun visors and rear view mirrors. If necessary, use a dowel to find the screw holes.

The headliner shell must fit over the rear window rubber seal. Using your finger or a screwdriver, position the shell behind the rubber seal.

Align plastic mounting plugs (arrows) and install side moldings.

Headliner replacement complete

This project can be difficult, however with some care you can get satisfactory results. Total cost, $200.00 US dollars.



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