Installing Rear Speakers.

My car, a 1978 Jaguar XJ-S inexplicably came equipped with only front speakers. In addition the quality of the front speakers were marginal to say the least. This project was to replace the front speakers and install proper rear speakers.

First, purchase a quality radio that supports at least four speakers. I replaced the front speakers by removing the door panel and installing new speakers.

The rear speakers presented a problem. The only logical place to install them were the side "bins" beside the rear seats. First, remove the rear seat, arm rest and the phillips head screws.

Remove shoulder belt attachment screws..

Peel back the leather covering and remove small phillips screw. Note the wires along the doorsill. Theses are the wires for the new rear speakers.

I fabricated a support plate for the rear speaker out of aluminum stock. I bolted the speaker to the plate and installed the assembly in the side bin.(blue arrow). In order to retain the depth (and therefore the usefulness) of the bin, the speaker magnet (red arrow) was installed through a hole cut in the bin assembly. Note the mesh on top of the bin. (green arrow). This is part of the "flow through" ventilation system. It should not be blocked off.

Red arrows indicate the mounting bolts. The speaker magnet was sealed to the bin assembly with caulk.

Aluminum support plates (arrow) were painted black.

Connect wires and install side bins and rear seat.

Project complete. If done properly the radio and rear speakers will sound and look terrific.



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